Immigration Visa Investment

Immigration, Visa, Sojourn, Immigration defense

The Korean attorneys at Law Firm Lee & Lee help immigrants navigate the Korean immigration system. Knowing the procedures and regulations is important to ensure your continued stay in Korea. Whether you are hoping to enter South Korea or fighting to stay here, experienced legal representation is crucial.

Immigration law can be complex and intimidating, especially if you or a family member are facing deportation or removal. Since our firm’s establishment, our lawyers have been practicing immigration law to represent and help foreign clients facing serious immigration concerns. We understand the unique pressures that you and your family would experience as foreigners and are dedicated to provide you with the strong representation you require as your case progresses.

After an arrest or a criminal charge in Korea, you may feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, frustrated, or confused. Whether the charge was legitimate or not, you deserve the best representation from criminal defense lawyers who will aggressively and passionately communicate your defense to the prosecutor and police.

Practice Areas

  • Family-Based Visa
  • Investment-Based Visa
  • Permanent Residency
  • Employment-Based Visa
  • Visa in Korea
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Korean Citizenship, Naturalization
  • Renunciation of Korean Nationality
  • Reinstatement/Restoration of Korean Nationality
  • Dual Citizenship
  • Immigration Court
  • Immigration Defense
  • Deportation Order, Departure Order
Immigration(Visa, Sojourn, Immigration defense)

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