Child Abduction, Child Return(Hague Convention)

Child Abduction Lawyer in Korea

We have successfully handled many Hague Child Abduction cases for foreigners whose child/children was/were abducted to South Korea. If your child is wrongfully removed or retained by another spouse, contact our child abduction attorneys to help you with having your child/children returned to you.

International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA) in Korea, Wrongful Removal/Retention of a Child in Korea

We represent our client and locate the child’s whereabouts in Korea, file for assistance to the Korean Central Authorities (KCA) in the Ministry of Justice in Korea, and actively communicate with the KCA to achieve a resolution in/out of the official procedures. In most cases, filing a Child Return lawsuit in Seoul Family Court on the basis of the Hague Convention is an essential and very time-sensitive part of the procedures in a child abduction case.

Finding an experienced and expert Hague Convention attorney in Korea is not easy, and hiring one is big decision since it may require you to put your trust in someone far away. If you would like have some reassurance and get an idea of how our attorneys handle cases of Wrongful Removal or Retention of a child in Korea, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Child Abduction, Child Return[Hague Convention]

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