Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Lawyer

As Korean Bar Association Certified Criminal Defense Specialist attorneys, we provide the best defense and representation for our clients

Arrest & Bail Defense Attorney in Seoul

After an arrest or a criminal charge in Korea, you may feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, frustrated, or confused. Whether the charge was legitimate or not, you deserve the best representation from criminal defense lawyers who will aggressively and passionately communicate your defense to the prosecutor and police in order to prevent your detainment or to get you released on bail while awaiting the trial.

Criminal Defense Attorney for Foreigners in Korea

From misdemeanors to felonies, we understand that criminal charges can be difficult to fight and even more difficult to live with, especially for foreigners living in Korea whose immigration status may become at risk.
Our English speaking lawyers, however, not only do their best in providing you with a criminal defense in Korea, but also think ahead and understand the complex problems that foreigners face when charged in Korea.
Consult with our English-speaking criminal defense lawyer to achieve the best result for your case.

Practice Areas in Criminal Defense & Filing a Police Report/Complaint

Criminal Defense

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