Digital Nomad Visa Korea: Your Gateway to a Flexible Lifestyle

Starting January 1, 2024, the Ministry of Justice is commencing a test run of a Digital Nomad Visa, which allows remote workers from overseas to enjoy tourism activities while staying in Korea on a long term visa.


1. Trial Run of the Digital Nomad Visa Korea (Workation) by Ministry of Justice

“Workation” is a compound word of work and vacation, and refers to a form of work that combines working remotely while visiting and resting at a vacation or tourist destination. Currently, these “workation” visas are introduced and operated mainly in various tourist destination countries in Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Up until now, foreigners who wanted to have a workation in Korea had to obtain a tourist visa or – in the case of visa exempt countries – had to enter Korea without a visa, and could only stay for up to 90 days. After their period of stay expired, they had to leave the country even if they wanted to continue staying in Korea.

But with the Digital Nomad visa system established by the Korean Ministry of Justice, foreign workers employed by companies abroad will be able to stay in Korea for an extended period while touring around the country, as long as they meet certain requirements such as proving their employment experience and that their income is above a certain level.


2. Requirements for South Korea’s Digital Nomad Visa

• Where to apply: At the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in your respective country

• Eligibility Criteria:
– Foreigners employed by a company abroad who are able to work remotely or from home and have worked in the same industry for at least one year may apply
– Applicants may be accompanied by family (spouses and children under 18)
– Applicants are not allowed to get a job in Korea

• Age: Applicants must be 18 or older

• Income requirement: A yearly income of at least double the gross national income (GNI) per capita for the previous year (as of 2022: yearly income of more than 84.96 million KRW, or around $65,860 USD) as designated by the Bank of Korea.

Gross national income (GNI) per capita in 2022 Gross national income (GNI) x2

KRW 42,480,000 (3,540,000 monthly)

KRW 84,960,000 (7,080,000 monthly)

• Health insurance: Proof of private health insurance for the period of your stay in Korea, with a coverage of at least 100 million KRW including hospital treatment and repatriation

• Required documents:
– Application for visa issuance
– Passport
– Passport Photo
– Certificate of employment (Apostille may be required)
– Proof of income (pay slips and bank transaction statements)
– Criminal record certificate
– Certificate of private health insurance
– Certificate proving family relationship (if accompanied by a family member)

• Duration of stay: Visa is granted for 1 year, but maximum up to 2 years are possible

• Employment activities: Any for-profit activities such as taking up employment or engaging in business in Korea are not permitted on this visa


3. Korean Lawyer Specializing in Visas for Foreigners

Korea is widely-known for its fast internet speed and innovative technology landscape, making it an attractive place for remote workers. With the Digital Nomad Visa, foreign professionals are given the chance to take advantage of Korea’s technological infrastructure and creative business environment.

Additionally, this visa also provides an opportunity to experience Korean culture and history while gaining new perspectives through interactions with the local communities. It will support the creation of global networks and also promote personal and professional growth by facilitating exchanges between people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The expert lawyers at Lawfirm LEE&LEE have years of experience helping those who want to work or start a business in Korea obtain a visa. Therefore, we encourage anyone interested in a Korean Workation and Korea’s Digital Nomad Visa to reach out to our firm.



Digital Nomad Visa Korea Your Gateway to a Flexible Lifestyle

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