Concierge Service

Concierge Service

Lee & Lee offers concierge legal services to clients for several levels of engagement to meet their specific needs with a more personalized approach. Differing from outside general counsel work, our legal concierge service is focused on assisting clients with their various legal inquiries and issues, providing them with preferred access to our legal expertise on any matter.

Thus, we have successfully represented clients who have assets in Korea to manage, lease, or sell, and who are interested in purchasing property in Korea. From dealing with taxes to communicating with government officials, we represent our clients and serve their needs to from start to finish to help finalize the deal.

We have also provided concierge services for clients in general legal matters as well as advised them on marital and family law matters as their income grows. Some of our clients also have our attorneys communicate with third parties when needed.

There are a variety of areas and issues that our clients may require legal assistance with, and with our legal concierge service, clients don’t need to worry about who they should address with each individual issue. Instead, they can rely on our attorney to provide precise, personalized support and advice to help them make informed legal decisions in any matter. 

To learn more about our legal concierge service, please contact us.

Concierge service

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