Divorce & Family Law

Divorce Attorney in Korea

As Family Law Specialist Attorneys certified by the Korean Bar Association, we provide the best representation for our clients in matters of divorce, child custody & support, visitation rights, damage compensation, spousal support and all that falls into the category of Family Law. Foreigners who are seeking legal assistance with their divorce or family law matters can trust in our experience and expertise.

Family Law lawyer in Seoul

When you’re going through family related legal issues such as a separation, divorce, child custody, increase/reduction of child support payment, or other family law matters, having an experienced family lawyer by your side can have a great impact.

Family law matters are uncomfortable and difficult to deal with, but our English speaking divorce attorneys will be reliable, strong partners throughout the court process. We offer a full range of family law services to a variety of foreign clients in and out of Korea, including families of all social backgrounds and financial means.

Our experience, skill, and dedication are the cornerstones of our success and the success we’ve achieved for our clients. In order to achieve the best outcome for your legal matters in the following family law areas, you can arrange a consultation with our English-speaking family law lawyers:

Practice Areas in Family Law and Divorce

Divorce & Family Law

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