Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment in Korea

When it comes to Foreign Direct Investment we provide an in-depth, one-stop service from start to finish to include all necessary procedures, whether they are part of establishing a company in Korea or obtaining resident status by investment in Korea.

From declaring foreign direct investment, registering a foreign-invested company, etc., the process includes procedures at the bank, KOTRA, tax office, court, and sometimes the immigration office for a foreign investor who wants to apply for a D8 (Business Visa for Korea) or F2 Visa (Resident by Investment Visa for Korea).

We have successfully represented numerous foreign clients and helped them through each step of the process, and on top of that, our Foreign Direct Investment service also includes a 1-year maintenance service to assist with subsequent steps such as the change of articles of the corporation, directors, auditors, head office, as well as banking or residential issues.

Practice Areas

  • FDI/ Foreign Direct Investment
  • D8 Visa Application
  • F2 Visa Application
  • Incorporation in Korea
  • Business Registration Opening Bank Account
  • Declaration of FDI
  • FDI Registration
  • Branch Office
  • Liaison Office
  • FDI Company
  • Joint Venture Startups
  • Business Partnerships
Foreign Direct Investment

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